Welcome to Venolos Apparel

The Story Behind the Music

At Venolos Apparel, we believe that art and music are powerful mediums for self-expression. Our brand is dedicated to showcasing the connection between art and music by creating a platform for artists to interpret and create visual masterpieces inspired by music. We’re truly passionate about building an online community where artists can connect, be inspired, and be rewarded for their creativity.


The Concept

create a unique and interactive experience

Our ultimate goal is to create a unique and interactive experience for artists. We invite artists to listen to music and channel their emotions and interpretations into paintings or drawings. Each artwork becomes a visual representation of the energy and essence of the music. The submissions will be appraised by our team, and the best works will be selected for recognition and reward.


Art Collection

a true celebration of artistic expression

Once we receive the submissions, we carefully curate an art collection that showcases the diversity and talent of our community of artists. Our art collection will consist of a variety of styles, mediums, and themes, making it a true celebration of artistic expression. We aim to inspire and engage both artists and music enthusiasts alike.


Affirmation Apparel

a tangible connection between art and music

We believe that art has the power to inspire and uplift. That’s why we transform the winning artworks into apparel designs that serve as affirmations, empowering individuals who wear them to express their creativity and passion. Our apparel provides a tangible connection between art and music, offering a unique way for people to communicate their love for both mediums simultaneously.


Cash Rewards

encouragement to pursue their passion

We recognize and value the dedication and talent of our artists. To show our appreciation, we offer cash rewards to the winning artists for their remarkable creations. The cash reward serves as an encouragement for artists to further pursue their passion and honours their contribution to our community.


Percentage of Sales

we hope to inspire artists

Not only do we reward our winning artists with a cash prize, but we also provide them with an opportunity to earn a percentage of the sales generated from their artwork. By offering this unique arrangement, we hope to inspire artists to pursue their creative dreams and establish a sustainable source of income through their art.


Building an Online Community

supportive and collaborative environment

Community is at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to creating a supportive and collaborative environment for artists to connect and thrive. Our website, venolosapparel.com, serves as the hub for our online community, allowing artists to share their work, engage in discussions, and find inspiration. We believe that fostering interaction and collaboration between artists will lead to endless opportunities for growth and creative development.


Advertising to Artists

a go-to platform for artists

As we continue to build our online community, we aspire to become a go-to platform for artists to discover new music, find inspiration, and showcase their work. Through strategic advertising efforts targeted towards artists, we will ensure that our brand reaches a wide audience of talented individuals who share our passion for art and music.

At Venolos Apparel, we’re committed to creating a meaningful connection between art and music. And by inviting artists to interpret music and rewarding them for their creations, we aim to inspire and empower both artists and music enthusiasts. So join us on our journey as we build a vibrant online community where art and music collide, creating a symphony of creativity and expression.